Building with Composable.js.

A grants program to enable the growth of our technical ecosystem.


In an effort to realize our vision for the connected Web 3.0 future, we invite developers to build pallets and utilize our cross-layer SDK.


In the form of USDC or LAYR tokens, depending on specific project needs

Developer Tools.

Provision of helpful resources and documentation, including our pallet-enhanced parachain, Picasso.

End-to-end support.

In the form of USDC or LAYR tokens, depending on specific project needs

Networking opportunities.

Introduction to VCs and thought leaders upon successful completion of milestones

Build on Picasso.

Introducing DeFi primitives to Kusama.


Core Tracks.

Our core intention with Picasso is to enable the creation of products across 3 tracks:


Primitive Track..

DeFi primitives are all of the essential tools that developers need to build higher-order functions:

Core Track..

These pallets will use the building blocks of the Primitive Track to allow for user interaction and generate value.

Application Track.

This is open to projects building tertiary level applications which incorporate a variety of core DeFi functions. Projects within this track will be those which operate at the highest level, leveraging a variety of DeFi primitives and core functions.

mosaic l2-l2 bridge ethereum layer 2

An Ethereum union specific communication layer.


Cross-layer Communication.

Leveraging the Mosaic SDK to create applications with native cross-layer communication.


Enabling cross-layer applications.

Supporting projects to enable native cross-layer communication between different instancces of the same application

Building novel, cross-layer primitives.

Leveraging the unique value proposition of layer 2s to create new, cross-layer primitives previously not existent in DeFi

Join the ecosystem of projects building on Composable.